thanks for the prayers, now let’s actually help

preface: i hate guns. this is about that. if that’s not your jam and you’re somehow already offended and need to make yourself feel better by negatively commenting, go away. but if you actually care to read more, do so, but i’m not going to mess with rude and hatful commenters. i won’t reply and will delete it because this is in response to the biggest hate crime in US history and you don’t get to be hatful in shadow of this event.

174 mass shootings this year. 13 this month alone. and 7 since monday. but there are people who still believe we don’t have a need for gun control. there are people who have the audacity to think that this isn’t a problem that needs serious attention. you’re wrong. so very wrong.

i try my best to at least see and understand all sides of an issue and, for the most part, i can understand why people see things the way they do, but when it comes to guns i do not and will never understand why people don’t see a NEED for restriction.

today we experienced the largest mass shooting in US history due to hate. 50 members of the lgbtq+ community were killed today. and the man that did this was able to get ahold of not one, but two guns. this man was already on an FBI watch list. he was able to get ahold of two guns. this man has claimed to be tied to isis. he was able to get ahold of two guns.

we as a country need gun restrictions and our politicians and leaders need to open their eyes and get this done. end of story. contrary to popular belief, your “thoughts and prayers” will NOT END GUN VIOLENCE. i understand you’re wanting to pray for those affected and their families and no one is saying that isn’t good and for many, how they cope and process, but if you think that is enough, you’re wrong. politicians including rick scott, florida’s governor, have tweeted out today and following all other mass shooting that they are “praying for those affected” yet continue to do NOTHING to stop the garbage that’s happening around them. you’re prayers are welcome and wanted but alone do nothing. if you actually care to help, donate to the cause here or contact your elected representatives about gun control here.

i saw a tweet today that made me tear up and puts this all into a scary perspective. “RE: the orlando shooting, cnn just described something i’ve never thought of- as investigators are inside the nightclub, where many of the bodies are still where they fell, they have to tune out the nightmarish sound of all of the deceased phones’ ringing constantly as loved ones try to reach them.” put yourself into the shoes of the mother, husband, child, trying to reach someone they love so dearly and to not have an answer and instantly know that won’t be coming home and then tell me you don’t want gun laws to be put in place. tell me that you’re okay with people, including yourself and your children and your friends and your loved ones, dying at any moment because right now, that’s our reality.

now is when you need to stop the disgusting islamophobia and homophobia that you’ve grown to accept as who you are and realize that all muslims aren’t all part of isis and that members of the lgbtq+ community aren’t “shitting all over the bible”. these people are people and these nonexistent gun laws hurt us all and especially the people that fall into those two categories.

mass murders are committed with guns. remove the guns. make them hard to get ahold of. stop the senseless killing of people who don’t deserve it. y’all cry a lot over abortion being the “senseless” killing of those who don’t deserve it for a group who can’t see that it’s actually happening to the already living people putting good into the world because you “need” to shoot a gun in your backyard or carry a gun with you to a god damn mcdonalds because of something written by racist white men who couldn’t even bathe themselves regularly.IMG_1227

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